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What the f#$% does that mean?

I just think this is hysterical. I love it , eventhough they were kinda making fun of the movie. I guess they're just confused. David Spade did not understand the movie but he saw it like 3 times , haha. This one contains some Keanu and Sandy interviews that we've already seen before , but still you have to watch it... it's sooo FUNNY!!!

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LOOL but i guess it's rly hard to describe the lake house ^^ i saw this movie only one time, and i don't understand everthing xD i should it watch again...and again...^^ pretty cool clip *adding to memories* =)
I can understand that it's kinda hard movie to undertand. This clip is funny though. Glad you liked it Ela :)
Yeees, it's sooo funny !!
These hosts are only confused or they are just pretending that they do not understand the movie to make their program humurous & entertaining. lol !!!
One thing I can say is that I am not confused about the story. I understand it in my own point of view (hehe !) After all, this is a fiction and I guess no any hard conclusions are necessary. Besides, it is Keandra's romantic movie. My most fave movie recently.
Woooh !!