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Supa Love

Some free music and of course Keandra stuff

Okay first with the free music, I'm just copying Cescecism and Cassie danamulder since they posted the same meme on their LJ's. I just think it's a great idea to share music so here I am doing the same thing.. Well here's a few of the ones I listen to regularly. Some of them are old and some are new (ish).

List 7 songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now.


Rainbow - by South Border - This music is sort of a picker upper for me. It always cheers up and it's such a lovely song.
Passenger Seat - by Stephen Speaks - I love this song, it's soothing and plus I'm a sucker for acoustic songs.
Cells - by The Servant - I fell in love with this song when I first heard the instrumental version from the Sin City soundrack. I'm actually using it for another music video that I started a week ago.
Body - by The Servant - Another one of my faves from The Servant.
Teardrop - by Massive Attack - Old song but I just love the very haunting melody. Oh and I think a lot of you know this one already especially those of you who watch HOUSE .
Right Now - by Fort Minor - Love Linkin Park and I love Fort Minor.
Closing In - by Imogen Heap - I'm a HUGE fan of hers , doesn't matter if she calls herself Imogen Heap or a part of the group Frou Frou, I love her style. I've been listening to this particular song constantly because I'm planning on using it on one of my videos. I love it. *for some reason when I uploaded it box.net kinda distorted the song when I tried to play the song , so it's probably better if you guys download it.

Keandra stuff
I would like to thank Cescecism for this though because she posted a another Sandy interview on her LJ a day ago. Sandy was promoting her movie Premonition in Australia , nope she was only promoting it over the radio so she wasn't really in Australia. I found another interview online since I know when Sandy does interviews on the radio she usually does it on different radio programs,so I did some digging and found another one yay.

This one is from the Kyle and Jackie O radio show (07-11-2007). But of course there's a Keanu mention haha.. Well they were playing a game and it was called "When was the last time you spoke to..." and they asked her about Keanu . She said the last time she spoke to him was 2 months ago (I'm assuming it was about that stalker gal ) , Jackie O asks her if she's still keeping "regular contact" with him and she said "Yeah, yeah". The guy then asks her if she considers 2 months as a 'regular' contact and Sandy said that "well he's working right now, he's working, yeah , yeah" . I'm assuming that they at least talked to each other a few days ago since she was in LA to promote her dvd on Leno.

Sandy on Kyle and Jackie O

*Keanu part is at 9:03


I love the songs so I downloaded them all. I am also a lover of acoustic songs. I like the Passenger Seat as you do. And oh, Rainbow is my kind of music, too. Thanks a lot for sharing both the songs & Sandy's latest interview. Vow !
I love acoustic songs, I'm glad you like them too. You're very welcome Ate Nelly :)
Awww I didn't realize you had posted songs in your journal. I'll snatch some of the songs later. Thanks for sharing!
You're very welcome Bel. There's some very nice songs there that you might like :)
Weeehh..I also love "Passenger Seat" along with "Out of my League". I wonder where Stephen Speaks is right now. I miss his music.
Yay you too! I love Passenger Seat, I dunno why but I just love that song.