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Keanu wallpaper and some other stuff.

A Keanu wallpaper and some siggys/tags.

Here's my Keanu wallpaper. I actually wanted to make this one close to the day of his birthday but since I know I won't be able to make one in Sept since I'm gonna be busy , I've decided to make one now. I made one for Sandy's B-day now here's the one for Keanu's B-day. Fair is fair lol.

Also here's some siggys that I made. I made the Sandy ones for the gals over at SBC. I made 1 Keandra one  and 2 Keanu ones.


wow, those are so beautiful, expecially the sandra ones!
Thanks Ender , I'm glad you liked them :)
Those graphics are rly just adorable and GREAT! #2 from Sandra and the last one (Keandra) I like the most but there all so amazing.

I love your graphics. Plz make much more of them (:
Aww thanks crystalchain, I'm glad you like them.

Thanks for all your comments.