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Cool Umbrella Cover by Mandy

I really like the song by Rihanna , yeah that 'Umbrella' song lol. I just found this one and it's Mandy Moore singing the Umbrella song, and I have to say she did a pretty AWESOME job, I really like this one too. What I like the most about the song is it's message; about friendships and 'sticking it out til the end' type of thing. I wouldn't be surprised to see a country music version of this song , it's got a universal message that can easily be translated into any genre of music IMHO.

*Here's the mp3 version of the song. I ripped it from the video and converted it so I could add it to my ipod. http://www.box.net/shared/1zaf9litaz


Oh yay you like it too Ces. When I first saw the song on tv (Rihanna's) I thought it was good. But after seeing the different version of the song , I'm actually liking them better than the original. Even the one you shared with us a while ago , I forgot his name now. I'm more into the acoustic songs so Mandy's version is more right up alley and I really like her version now .

Oh btw here's another version too it's Marie Digby and I think she became popular because of this video on youbute, she's been on tv and radio and itunes now. I like her version too , kinda bubblegum pop , a little playful but still great because it's an acoustic version.

Where did you get the download for the Mandy song Ces ? Is it on Itunes too? I unfortunately can't get to the Itunes store since my itunes is not connecting to the online store for some reason.

I have to admit I'm not being very fair - I just automatically have something against Rihanna, heh. But this song is definitely the one I like most of all of hers.

Hey, this version is cool! I like it, it's quite catchy even though it's still acoustic. Actually, just browsing through YouTube has made me realise how many people have covered it!

There's this awesome community called ysi_leftovers which is one of my main sources of music. Someone had posted the MP3 of Mandy up there, which is where I snagged it from.
I actually feel indifferent when it comes to her , since I don't really know her. I didn't like her other song Sos or something so me actually liking her Umbrella song is a pleasant suprise.

Yeah it's catchy isn't it. A lot of people on youtube are doing their own covers because some of them want a singing career. I think a young gal there was given a recording contract by Justin Timberlake .

Thanks Ces for the link I'll definitely be checking this one out. I get some of my music here too , I"m not sure if you have this one http://www.esnips.com/ , a lot of people share their music there.
Oh, she killed Tainted Love by Soft Cell with that SOS song! That was what annoyed me most. Ha, as you can see I have some issues here. Normally I don't really dislike artists, but she just grates on me. :P

Yeah, that singer that got signed by Justin is Esmee. It's pretty amazing, the power of YouTube! ;)

Oh, and thanks for the link, I'll check it out!
Ohhhh, this version is great too! Now I'll have to listen to the original to choose my favorite, hehe. So far, Marie Digby is winning.