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Cool Umbrella Cover by Mandy

I really like the song by Rihanna , yeah that 'Umbrella' song lol. I just found this one and it's Mandy Moore singing the Umbrella song, and I have to say she did a pretty AWESOME job, I really like this one too. What I like the most about the song is it's message; about friendships and 'sticking it out til the end' type of thing. I wouldn't be surprised to see a country music version of this song , it's got a universal message that can easily be translated into any genre of music IMHO.

*Here's the mp3 version of the song. I ripped it from the video and converted it so I could add it to my ipod. http://www.box.net/shared/1zaf9litaz


Awww I love this! I can't believe I was so late. I downloaded it and added on my ipod. I'm sooo into "friendship till the end of time" theme, and you know why! Thanks for sharing, Cheryll!
I'm glad you like it too Bel. The song has a great message and I it's just great that they're able to translate the song into different genres of music. I love the message about friendship as well , haha I know why too Bel. Yup I do :)