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Always : my first Keandra video

I made a new video , well not really from scratch but I used this site called One True Media. Cool site. I know I've seen similar vids before and I thought that they actually used like After Effects or maybe used Final Cut Pro to create the videos , it turns out they only used the site and there's tons of premade transitions and motion graphics there. It's very easy to use too :) The part where you can't save your video sucks lol, you have to pay to be able to save it. But you can share it on youtube though:)


Oooh, I really miss Keandra ! I wish they'll do another movie in the very near future.

Is this really your first vid ? I love how you done it esp. the effects. Amazingly awesome ! Great job, Cheryll.
Made me miss them even more..it was sooo cute Ate..made me wanna cry...
Aww thanks Aprhille, I'm glad you like the video. It's kinda makes me sad and happy at the same time too, sad kc they're not together ... yet :)

Salamat uli :)
Let's just keep our fingers crossed Ate..malay natin..they will finally be together...I won't stop praying for that.
Thanks ate Nelly. Yeah I hope they make another one very soooon like in a year or so.

Oh it's my very first Keandra themed video. I did make vids for SPEED and the Lake house but this is the first one about Keandra. Here's the two that I've made a year ago. Oh also I make other vids too but they're Smallville vids lol.


Lakehouse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iirEzCMtkfo&eurl=

Yeah the site Onetruemedia.com it's free and you can upload your pics and vids there and you can make the same exact video there , you can use your own songs or use ones from the site. Very cool.

Thanks again ate.

oh, what a cute vid!

i actually have never really considered them, but now you make me think of rps fics with them *g*

and that's really a cool site!

Re: oh, what a cute vid!

Tee hee , thanks Ender. Yeah I'm a big Keandra shipper actually haha. RPF's haha oh how I miss the stories of my another Keandra fan Katie, hope she writes one soon.

Yeah it's a cools site. It's free and it's soo easy to use , you don't need to use any software to achieve the effects, they're all on the website.

Thanks again Ender.