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Count the Gaze!

LOL a curious Keandra observer posted this on youtube. This is not a new interview , but this is definitely one of my favorites. Ed re-posted this interview on youtube and added a 'hit counter' for every time Sandy looks at Keanu lol. Really cool to know other people noticed how they just seem to look at each a LOT haha.


I love this vid. Sandy is looking at Keanu ALL THE TIME :D

Oh and: I really love your icons, you should make more of them.
I'm glad you like them too :) And thanks for the icon comments as well :)
Like? I love them :D

Btw it's me, gaijin_graphics, I just decided to make a new LJ 'cause i don't like my old name anymore ;)

Oh and I posted some Keanu icons at my new LJ :)



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