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Mar. 8th, 2007


Aww adorable Speed 2 trailer hehe (as it should be)

Someone made this on youtube , sorry I can't embed it on the journal since the I guess the owner of the video disabled it (embedding). Here's the link . He/She combined Speed and the Lake house sort of the continuation of the Jack and Annie lovestory. The title of the video is Speed 2: Chasing Cars video (using the song Chasing Cars). Awww lovely , just lovely.


Mar. 1st, 2007


Not Keandra but Mulder/Scully..

Okay let me just freak out for a sec.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I used to be a HUGE fan of the X-files and I mean HUGE! Sorry for the out of Keandra topic but I guess this is part of my life outside Keandra. I just found out that the Fight the Future kiss clip was leaked out .. I dunno when exactly , maybe years ago. That tells you how looooooooong I've been out of the X-files loop. I've heard about this and read about it but never thought I'd see it. I still have my X-files stuff so I guess I'm not ready to let them go yet. Oh but I have to say Keandra was my first love but then after they made Speed and they started making movies w/o each other that love kinda died down and was replaced by Mulder/Scully. But I have to tell you ... looking back now I appreciate Keandra's relationship towards each other more than David's and Gillian's. They have chemistry YES (david/gillian) but I feel that there's always some tension between them, unlike Keandra (there's LOVE There). AWWW. Just made me appreciate Keandra more.

But yeah I still love Davin/Gillian, Mulder/Scully. I'll always be a shipper... yup yup. BUT! Keandra will always be the D'BEST for me.


Keanu and Sandy Interview

Here's the Interview Keandra did for the Lake house. They did it separately ....hmm rare since were sooo used to seeing them doing interviews together. I know most of you have seen these but just in case you haven't then here they are :)

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Feb. 27th, 2007


What the f#$% does that mean?

I just think this is hysterical. I love it , eventhough they were kinda making fun of the movie. I guess they're just confused. David Spade did not understand the movie but he saw it like 3 times , haha. This one contains some Keanu and Sandy interviews that we've already seen before , but still you have to watch it... it's sooo FUNNY!!!

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Jan. 31st, 2007


MTV Movie Awards: Keanu Peek-a-boo !

Here's a short clip from the MTV movie awards. Keandra's here but my fave part is the Keanu Peek-a-boo, he's such a cutie. Also did you notice how he was standing on a fence like structure, playful Keanu ..me likey (end clip). Oh Yeah Sandy's a cutie here too btw.

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Jan. 29th, 2007

Laughing Cuties

Speed 2 (Worst Piece of CRAP ever made) --> Sandy Bullock

That came from Sandy okay, not me. Hmm Speed 2 was crap.. but not maybe the worst piece of crap...or maybe it is hmmm. Here's the clip from the olderer version Sandra Bullock Revelead. I took snippets where she's talking about Keanu and some Keanu clips too. Hehe LOVE that last clip where they're holding hands.. now why can't they hold hand like that now.. oy forgot that she's married :)

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Jan. 22nd, 2007

It begins

You were very busy you know , you're very international.

This Japan clip is courtesy of our friend Bel. Thanks Bel for the cute clip. I miss the Japan interviews , they're a lot of fun.

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This one I found online , http://www.geocities.jp/nbqtk214/youga/youga.html. I dunno if it's the official dvd cover , but it's still pretty good.

Jan. 15th, 2007


We make LOVE on a spiritual level....

Hmm maybe you guys have seen this one. Here's another clip from the Oscars. The lady from Extra asks Keandra "Is there any..in your new role together , any love-making involved?" , and then Sandy answered " We make love on a spiritual level" . The power of Keandra... people just want to see them make out... and more !!! hehe

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Jan. 4th, 2007


Reunited ... and it feels sooo good.

Here's another awesome Sandy radio interview while promoting the Lake house movie (w/ Cubby).

Sandy radio interview

Dec. 19th, 2006


Annoying Lady

Here's another Us junket interview.. sorry but the lady is kinda annoying (and scary?). I'm surprised Keandra took her seriously. She did ask some cute questions though so I guess she's okay in that regard.

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