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Dec. 18th, 2006


Perfect for the role .. yes they were =)

I have another video here it's one of the US ones. I apoligize for the kinda spliced videos since the clips came from 2 separate videos, I removed the extra stuff and combined the files into one.
I like the part where Keanu's kinda animated again , with the hand gestures (end part), and also the part where Sandy's talking about the house (home) but man, she was like just looking straight at Keanu the whole time...*sigh*

Dec. 16th, 2006


Keanu wallie

I made this last night again ... to just take my mind from what's bothering me. I'll be making one with Sandy pics next . Thanks guys for all your concern btw. Yeah I'll probably write about it on my online journal (Thanks for the suggestion Katie). It's rather a 'childish' fear ... but it's kinda real (I hope not though)... If you've seen the movie "Pitch Black" hmmm let's say it's kinda like that.. only real. (Don't laugh pls...)

Here's the Keanu wallie btw...

Dec. 15th, 2006


A new wallie to help me forget.. a little

Okay guys  here's the wallie I made using the manip pic from yesterday .  I made this so I could escape from my very recent problem that's bothering me.. and I mean it's really bothering me !!! Let's just say I'm very afraid right now ..but anyways I hope you guys enjoy.

Dec. 4th, 2006


Very Funny Sandy interview... with a Keanu mention (at the end) of course..

Maybe you guys have already seen this one... but it's a funny Sandy interview on Extra while promoting MC2,it's one of the Q&A interviews. I guess right after she finished promoting MC2 that's when she started shooting the Lake house movie. I just love to see Sandy's face light up whenever Keanu's name is mentioned...aww

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Dec. 2nd, 2006

I'm yours

Keandra quotes (Speed Era part deux)

Okay this is dedicated to Connie who I know is a little upset right now. I hope these bunch of old Keandra snippets cheer you up.  Well someone on youtube commented that the Keandra video she made was done in bad taste.. because its disrespecful to Jesse. I think you know what my opinion about that is...So guys if you have a youtube account it would be great to show your support by adding your own comment there too . Thankies to Katie , you added your comment already. Keandra sistahs UNITE...

Young Love

Keandra quotes (Speed era)

Okay here's some Keandra Speed era quotes.. We've already read almost all of their new interviews together (Lakehouse), that is why I've decided to post some old quotes ... haaaay good times.  (I still have some more...)

Which scenes were re-shot?

Some of the trickiest stuff was between Annie (Sandra Bullock) an Jack. How do these people connect with these situations of peril? How do they come together? There was one scene where Jack and Annie, after the bus explodes, come together. We shot the scene one day and it went fairly well. We came back the next day and I said to Sandra, "How do you feel? I don't feel so good," and she was saying the same thing. So we worked on it and made it better and re-shot it. And that was cool. I think it's a good scene now. It's very spontaneous.

Sandra said during shooting you would bring her gifts that would make her happy.
(laughs) Yes I did.

Do you enjoy doing that for people?
Yeah, sometimes. I did for her. (laughs)

2 different articles that talk about Keanu's 'gift giving' hehe , ya know just to put it in perspective...

1. Keanu Reeves, however, has a totally different attitude when it comes to being romantic. Instead of being mushy and lovey-dovey, Keanu prefers a more practical approach. This includes things like honoring those close to him with presents on special occasions.

"A lot of what I do seems to be romantic in the sense of giving gifts," explains Keanu. I don't just mean flowers, but like if a friend has bought a new house, I would bring round housewarming gifts. Or if it's there birthday, I would get a present. I think I'm good at doing these kinds of things. [In that sense], romance is just a part of me.

Well, there are so many, aren't there? Romance is giving joy to someone you love, and giving them something you know they love as well. A moment's gesture, giving your love, giving your feeling. The romance is the specialness of the moment and the event and the gesture.


At the mention of a sequel to "Speed", Keanu, with a huge smile, looked over at Sandra Bullock and said: 

"We'll have to make love, right?"  She started laughing and added: "I have the perfect title. Instead of  'Speed','Breed'!  From the bus to the bed."

And it is while laughing that the charming Keanu Reeves completed the interview.

But this is one action hero with some chinks in his armor. Sandra Bullock, who plays Annie, the passenger Traven recruits to take the wheel, was surprised by his introverted personality. "I was expecting this stud-muffin who was wild... but the Little Keester sits back and listens to everything," she says. Bullock recalls that hours after the two got into an involved discussion about severing personal life from work, the actress returned to her trailer and found a small offering, an oatmeal cookie with a little note — "You're right, I feel the same way" — awaiting her.

Bullock thinks she knows the source of Reeves' sensitivity: He's gone through harder times than he's willing to admit. "I think there's a lot of pain," she says. "I would see him go off by himself, and there's a hint of sadness in his eyes that makes you want to go, 'What is it?'... But he keeps it to himself, and that makes you want to know even more about him."


Halfway through the filming of Speed came the death of Reeves' friend River Phoenix. De Bont immediately changed the shooting schedule in order to give Reeves less demanding scenes. "He became very quiet," the director says. "It took him a while to calm down - it scared the hell out of him." "River was a product of his own goodness," says Reeves' love-interest in Speed, Sandra Bullock, in true LA-speak fashion. "He couldn't step over a homeless person; he had to help. He gave and gave and was incredibly honest, and so is Keanu. When he first
walked in the room, I thought, 'He's like River. They're both too sweet for this world.'"

By January snide innuendo and false commiseration had grown so thick that party-girl Bullock, who previously had never met a social gathering she didn't like, started tossing out invitations unopened. "I would go to these parties and the inevitable question would arise, 'So are you working on anything? Speed? Really? So, uh, how's it going?'" she recalls. "It made me appreciate Keanu. He was the perfect partner to have around when the whole world's not behind your project. He has a very soothing effect on people."


Nov. 27th, 2006

Young Love

Uk interview... re-upload

You guys may have already seen this one. I just re-uploaded it because the original was deleted when the owner's account got suspended, I'm just glad I was able to save it before. I like this one too, Sandy and Keanu's just soo funny.

Nov. 22nd, 2006

Young Love

MTV Movie Awards - Aww moment

Okay this has to be one of my fave "Awww" moments from Sandy and Keanu. The action was very 'subtle' but it was soooooooo adorable. In the video we see Sandy leaving Keanu's side to do a separate interview, during the interview we see Sandy turn her head towards Keanu's direction , maybe just to check if he's done with his interview, but I guess he wasn't. So Sandy continued on with her own interview but then she didn't realize that Keanu was already beside her.. just check out what she did after Keanu put his hand behind her back (as usual).. it's like she was sooo happy to see him there..(they weren't even apart for more than a minute).

*Youtube version is kinda crappy so better download the one from my Filefront account

Nov. 20th, 2006


BBC Audio Interview

Another audio interview , but this one is from BBC. Sandy said .. "what's changed ,we've become more 'comfortable' in expressing ourselves in front of each other" ... hmm how so...? =)

Click here to hear the audio

Nov. 18th, 2006



Maybe you guys have seen this one =) The beginning part is soo cute, hehe what a bunch of flirts.. Love it!!!

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